I was part of a movement of "dinosaur moms" when I lived in Maryland (Astrodon Johnstoni is the Maryland state dinosaur.) Which is nothing more than this -- dinosaur moms delight in the half-feral nature of the beasties they parent, even as they whisper Shakespeare and Kierkegaard in their ears at night.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Phantom Tollbooth rawks!

I am devastated to find that The Phantom Tollbooth is not available on DVD. You can get the VHS version used for about $40, but no DVD. What up?

D'ya s'pose that if everybody goes onto amazon.com and signs up to be notified when they come out with the DVD, then maybe they'll release it? Try it and let's see what happens.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Off the Internet, Everyone!

Thanks to Dino Mom for turning me on to the word glurge. What a very useful word.

I will admit to feeling a twinge of left-wing elitism in calling PF out on the glurge. I probably wouldn't have if I hadn't just that very day overheard PF explaining to her child that the dinosaur exhibit we were attending illustrated but a theory of the earth's history, for surely dinosaurs would have coexisted with humans in the garden of Eden.

I just really wanted someone to SEE WHAT I HAVE TO PUT UP WITH IN ARIZONA!