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Monday, October 06, 2008

Culture Warriors Hijack AZ Elections AGAIN

A recent article regarding Prop 102 counters an earlier article in which certain AZ Catholic bishops come out for the amendment. Glad though I always am to see the faith community staking out a claim for the straight but not narrow, this proposition is such a tar baby that I'm glad my own congregation is out of it.

My objections to the amendment are legion, but let's start with how cynical a ploy it is. Say I'm a fatcat -- one of these silver spoon, golden parachute types who can't remember how many houses they own. You know -- who get into trouble and then call in a personal favor to get bailed out. Now, say my goal is to stock the White House and Congress with as many people as I can who are giving away corporate welfare and bailouts like candy. Well, I'll give the usual to the Republican candidates, but what else can I do?

I'll give to the right-wing religious groups who are sponsoring ballot measures. Why? Because I want the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth? Because I could care less about gay marriage? No, because I know that when the culture warriors get involved, then they can really turn out the vote for the GOP.

So, lots of well-meaning Christians -- my dear friends and neighbors -- who have swallowed the "assault on family" kool-aid, vote like lemmings for these Republicans, against their better judgement and definitely against their interests. It pains me to contemplate the strategy sessions where my community's deeply held religious convictions are pimped out for lower capital gains tax and drilling in Anwar. I was so proud of my state for being the only state to stand up to these people, the last time (Even if it was only so seniors could double their pensions).

Being myself a participant -- nay, an enthusiast -- in a heterosexual marriage, I am presumably someone who needs to be rescued from the assault. So, to quote Sarah Palin, "Thanks, but no thanks."

Y'know what's "assaulting" my family? Since you asked. That our children are going to be the first generation going way back on either side of our family tree to grow up in a house that's smaller, in a school that's more overwhelmed, in a neighborhood that's more crime-ridden, and with less prospect of getting out of college without crushing debt than the generation before them. This despite the best efforts of my husband and myself, who are working harder for less, and at the same time getting far less from our government, in terms of police, fire, education, or any of the other functions that help ensure quality of life. Not even talking about the bridges and wars that go nowhere.

I make no apologies for the fact that these issues are just a little more pressing for me than the culture wars.

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OMG I just want to jump off the bridge to nowhere. Bobos in hell. Waaaaaah!